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Printer Buying Tips

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Now there are so many kinds and brands of printer we know, example, Canon, Epson, HP, and many others, it may be because the brand is in demand in the market, so it is not impossible that every few months, the company issued newest products.
 basically, I think personally, all printers are the same, and we can say as good, it depends on the needs of each user, however, however, does not mean that if you buy a printer, you home to buy, not like it is, there are a lot or there are some points that we have to consider, therefore, if you have the intention to buy a printer, you should take a moment to read tips on buying a printer that will we explained below

  • Before you buy a printer, you should first know to what the printer, if your goal to buy a printer for printing photos, you should use a printer equipped with 6 inks, as this affects the quality of your prints later. but if you just focus to print any sort of documents, a printer with four ink, it is enough
  • The second is that when you buy a printer, make sure that the condition of the goods still sealed, you should not buy if there is damage to the seal, it is recommended if you replace it with another
  • Check the printer before you bring it home, to make sure that the printer is able to function normally without any damage
  • you should make sure that the prints produced absolutely perfect. and if necessary, print a document with a picture, because according to my personal experience, I also never found a printer who did Conditions are still very new, but the printer is not at all able to print, There is a possibility that the printer has been dropped, or there are things that never occurs in the printer, so you should check carefully

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